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Providing Insight Through Therapy and Assessment

Heather Irene is a Licensed Behavioral Specialist experienced in providing mental and behavioral health services since 2017. She has served in a variety of family settings including early childhood education, parental and child advocacy, and intensive home-based services. Heather is trained in ecosystemic family therapy, trauma-informed care, and an array of therapeutic techniques to support clients and/or families in progress toward their goals. Her experience includes trauma and stressor-related disorders, personality disorders, and mood disorders. Heather’s strengths involve women empowerment, learning and supporting independence, and community resource knowledge. She attained her M.S. degree with a specialization in Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology from Capella University and currently is completing a practicum as a PsyD graduate student at Capella University. Heather provides therapy as well as psychological evaluations.